Cross Country TravCorps: Quality Professionals for Quality Patient Care

Cross Country TravCorps has been providing registered nurses to more than 2,500 healthcare facilities for more than 30 years. Their approach is two-fold; building solid, lasting relationships with world-renowned hospitals and maintaining a highly qualified pool of travel nurse professionals. Ultimately, Cross Country TravCorps understands that providing quality candidates to facilities results in quality care experiences for patients.

For nursing professionals, Cross Country TravCorps is a reputable travel agency that enables growing résumés, strengthening marketability and offers the opportunity to reach full potential within a specialty. The large network of facilities that depend on Cross Country TravCorps as a nurse provider includes the nation’s most prestigious; travel nurses can, in turn, develop their careers at the pace they wish, where they wish.

The screening and credentialing efforts put forth by Cross Country TravCorps is what make the agency one of the most trusted staffing healthcare companies, and as one of the agencies that nursing professionals seek to become a part of due to its reputable pool. Their professionals’ credentials include:

  • 60% of Cross Country TravCorps’ RN pool are BSN educated compared to the national average of 30%
  • Travel nurses, across the realm of services offered, have an average of more than 8.5 years of experience
  • Many of the company’s nurses go on to pursue specialty and masters training while part of the Cross Country TravCorps team

In addition to the professional growth opportunities, Cross Country TravCorps ensures its travel nursing benefits are among the best in the industry.

Earning deserved salaries
Travel nursing salaries are some of the highest in the nursing profession. Depending on specialty and assignment location, nurses could earn pay rates as high as $50 per hour. Plus, on many of the positions, shift differentials are paid and hours are guaranteed.

Privacy and comfort in a home away from home
Cross Country TravCorps always offers free, private housing on every assignment, even turning on the lights and utilities… phone and cable is all a nurse is responsible for. What’s even better is that reimbursement is given for travel to and from an assignment.

Comprehensive insurance
Travel nurses are guaranteed full coverage with benefits that rival any staff position—from health, life and dental insurance to free professional liability insurance. Dependent coverage as well as supplemental and short-term coverage is also offered.

Travel nursing bonuses can be a nice supplement to a terrific salary. Cross Country TravCorps offers generous referral bonuses of $500. What’s more, completion bonuses on many assignments are offered as well — these can range anywhere from $500 to as much as $3,000.

Looking for an agency? Learn more about how to become a part of Cross Country TravCorps’ prestigious pool of travel nurse professionals and find current travel opportunities as well!

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