Intermountain Healthcare Earns 2013 Gallup Great Workplace Award

For the third year in a row, Intermountain Healthcare has received the Gallup Great Workplace Award.  The 2013 Gallup Great Workplace Award acknowledges organizations with outstanding leadership and business practices that drive real results while actively engaging employees. The Gallup Great Workplace Award recognizes the best-performing workplaces in the world.

The only organization in Utah to earn this global distinction, Intermountain Healthcare continuously aims to create an internal culture where employees are supported in their respective roles and empowered to deliver high quality care to patients at every level. Earning the Great Workplace Award reflects the organization’s commitment to every family and community it serves.

According to Gallup, Intermountain Healthcare has excelled in the four areas that encourage a highly engaged workplace:

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Accountability and Performance
  • Communication and Knowledge Management
  • Development and Ongoing Learning

During a time where employee engagement levels are stagnant in the U.S., organizations like Intermountain Healthcare are leading the charge to invigorate employees and promote economic growth. Research conducted by Gallup confirms engaged employees are in the best health and are more likely to consider how their individual efforts relate to the team as a whole.

Intermountain Healthcare is dedicated to ensuring its staff remains vested in patient and operational outcomes through the implementation of effective workplace policies. The three-time recipient of the Gallup Great Workplace Award, serves as a model to organizations across the world, especially other healthcare providers, and demonstrates how internal culture directly influences performance.

About the Gallup Great Workplace Award
The Gallup Great Workplace Award is based on multiple criteria, including overall engagement levels and evidence of engagement impact on key business metrics. Gallup compares applicants’ results across its renowned workplace research database composed of millions of work teams in more than 170 countries. A panel of workplace experts reviews each organization’s impact portfolio, which includes quantitative and qualitative components.


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