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HHAs or Home Health Care Assistants help elders, convalescent or disabled persons who instead of living in a health facility reside in their own homes. They usually provide many different types of medical assistance like checking patients regularly, assisting with exercise, cleaning up of patient’s room, helping patients in moving, dressing up them, etc. HHA works for either for the patients who were discharged from hospital or elderly or disabled patients who require extra care at home. Usually this type of courses was conducted by the institutes and because of the advancement of technology, it becomes possible to conduct the HHA courses online. Through online study one can get the same quality of education and training that were provided in the classroom of an institute.

Students can be able to take some lecture classes through online using a combination of hard copy or virtual text books, chat room discussion boards and also with video and audio recording facilities. Following are the courses that may be offered by HHA courses online training programs.

  • Introduction to aide care: This course offers an overview of working with home based clients and elders. Generally, students can develop their homemaking skills.
  • Medical terminology: This course introduces HHA students to basic medical definitions and abbreviations and makes students understanding root word, prefix and suffix meanings.
  • Nutrition: Here, students can learn menu planning for individuals with specifics illness and diseases.
  • Anatomy and physiology: In this class, study of human body including bones, muscles, and various body mechanisms conducted.
  • Medication math: Here, students review basic math, with an emphasis on medication administration and how the calculations affect dosages and measurements.

If you are a newcomer or you have past experience in nursing, but left the profession due to some situation and again you want to enter the profession, then there are lots of institutes where you can conduct various Nurse refresher courses. If you want to learn more about the advanced and latest techniques of nursing profession then also you can conduct this course. This course will give you a brief training on all aspects of patients’ needs and ensure that you are knowledgeable about the new technologies or treatments that may have recently been introduced. This course will ensure you that, you are completely ready to re-enter the profession and are prepared to offer your patients the very best of care.

Nurse refresher courses are available for the inactive nurses with experienced in past and active nurses who are seeking up of credits for continuing education. Since most states require both classroom and clinical education, many nursing refresher programs involved both components. Most of the nursing refresher programs are in hybrid format. Below are some of the examples of online nursing refresher programs.

  • Medical law and ethics course
  • Medication administration course
  • Medical surgical nursing course
  • Psychiatric nursing course

Generally, these courses award a certificate after the completion of the course which can be used for continuing education requirements. Nurses are licensed by individual states and educational requirements vary.


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