Hospital Apparel- They help to Maintain health and Hygiene

By Harry King

Every modern hospital needs hospital apparel. There are many different types of apparel available to choose from. Doctors and nurses wear aprons that are made from cloth or plastic. These aprons protect the dress of the doctors and nurse from being stained. Plastic apron are washable and bloodstains can be removed easily from them. After washing they also dry quickly making them ready to be reused immediately. Hospital Uniforms are required in all hospitals to maintain a professional work environment. It also helps outsiders to identify doctors , nurses or wardens which is extremely useful in case of emergencies. It is a general practice for doctors to prefer white uniform with the logo or just the name of the hospitals.

Patient gowns and suits are amongst the other common hospital apparel required by all the hospitals. They help differentiate the patients from other staff members and the visitors. This helps to identify patient easily and monitor their movement within the hospital. They are usually of light colors such as  light green, pink and the regular white ones. These hospital uniforms are available in different sizes in order to accommodate all types of patients. They also make the patient feel comfortable during their stay in the hospital. It is also a common practice amongst hospitals to have different color uniforms for patient according to the department they are admitted in .

While performing any kind of surgery it is mandatory for all surgeons and supporting staff to wear surgical gloves. These surgical gloves also make for an important item to be included in  the hospital apparel for staff. They protect both the patient and doctors by avoiding transmission of germs from each other. These gloves are made from fine material. They are very thin and stick to the hands when worn. This helps the fingers to move easily while performing surgery. The doctors also use examination gloves while checking the patients. They wear it with their hospital uniforms. As they loose as compared to surgical gloves. They help the doctors to protect their hands from getting infected during check up as there is risk of  virus transmission from an infected patient.

Surgeon gown and surgeon suit are also the hospital apparel that are used for protection during the surgery. It prevents direct contact of the surgeon with the operating wounds thus making it difficult to transmit infective viruses. Such hospital uniforms are lightweight and made from fluid resistant material. They cover the entire body of the surgeon during the surgery. They are made up of flexible material to ease the movement of the doctors. Surgeon gown are air permeable and are effective over longer period of time. They are also available in different sizes, design and material. Disposable surgical gowns are also available for use in such hospitals that maintain a very high hygiene standards compared to others.

The face masks are also very important element of hospital apparel that is used by both the doctor and the patient. Face masks also help in avoiding transmission of various viruses and bacteria. Hospital Uniforms are given due importance in all hospitals. In addition to maintaining a good hygiene it also contributes in developing a professional working environment .




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