Is Healthcare the Right Career Path for Me?

Is Healthcare the Right Career Path for Me?
There are so many great reasons to pursue a career in healthcare like: continuous job growth, the ability to truly touch lives, competitive pay, and the fact that there is never a dull moment. The one question that anyone who is thinking about pursuing a healthcare career needs to ask, “Is healthcare the right career path for me?” We know this can be a difficult task. To help you get on the right path, we compiled a list of three things to ask yourself to make sure that a healthcare career is truly right for you.

What inspires you to pursue a career in healthcare?

The healthcare industry has continued to have a growing demand for employees. This has really drawn people to consider a career in healthcare, but is that what really inspired them to enter this career path? After talking to numerous healthcare professionals about what led them into their careers, there was one surprisingly common answer. They all felt that this career was a calling. Each one of them possesses a genuine need to help others, and this career gave them a purpose to fulfill. Here is one nurse’s story about her calling that truly inspired us.


How will you handle the education, training and career development?
After you have figured out what exactly motivates you to seek a healthcare profession then this motivation will help you to stay focused. A healthcare career requires dedication, endurance, and a lot of hard work.  Another important part is to learn your options. There are a variety of degrees, diplomas, and training programs for various medical jobs. Find out what area you want to go into. Also, keep in mind that becoming a doctor or a high-level nurse requires a great deal of time and money. Know and understand what needs to be put in to complete the training. Also, explore other opportunities that fit with your personal capabilities.

Are your skills and strengths a fit for a healthcare career?
Even though there are hundreds of different healthcare careers they have a few common skills and personality traits that are important. Interpersonal and communication skills, strong work ethic, and a passion for learning new things are the three traits that are shared among healthcare professionals. The ability to work with variety of people while showing compassion and empathy is an essential part of any healthcare professional. A passion for continuing to learn and develop your skills will be beneficial because the healthcare industry is continuously advancing with new technology, treatments, and diseases.

There are also career aptitude tests online that can help. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Best Job For Your Personality Type – It’s a good idea to know what your personality type is because in theory personality traits are best suited for particular jobs.
  • Career Aptitude Test – This is great because it considers skills, interests, style of work environment, and values.
  • Find Your Healthcare Niche – So you know for sure that you want to go into healthcare but not sure of the exact area. This has a series of quizzes to see what healthcare niche is best suited for you.

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