Why Healthcare Professionals Need a Strong Online Profile

In today’s career landscape there are generally more qualified professionals than job openings for a given career. This may not be the case for specialists, however having a strong online profile can help you land better opportunities, more qualified customers and boost the brand with added exposure.

For most job seekers, having an online profile that is strongly geared towards their profession will elevate them over the competition when an employer performs a background check, is sourcing for candidates or looking to network in the community.

These online profiles are found, searched and indexed by all of the major search engines and they rank very well in the results for varied searches including that of your name. We hear all the time that you need to be careful about what you put online and that scares many people from putting photos or videos that directly link to their name. However, if you are promoting yourself in a positive light, this may be the best thing going for your career progression.

The ideal goal with setting up a profile is to showcase your skills and network to industry peers. This is accomplished by making your profile as powerful as possible. You can do this by adding videos and pictures of performing work, receiving awards or giving presentations.

Don’t forget the text aspect as well. Google and other search engines can pull your profile based on the keywords you insert. If you are a Physical Therapy Guru, having a profile that talks about being a physical therapy guru is a great start. Adding location to your profiles makes it even more beneficial for companies and customers to find and get in touch with you.

If you were searching for a physical therapist in Orlando, FL on Google and you found a site that had a link to a personal profile, which showcased his office, his awards, some speeches he had given and a clear cut way to contact him, that would be much more valuable than just a phone number and a name. This is the real power with creating strong profiles.

Employers and recruiters are doing the same things. Looking for great candidates in all the cracks that they can. What are you doing to ensure that your profile is as strong as it can be?

Let us know in the comments and go out today and make a Health Career Web profile that shows off your skills or business.


Author: Greg Rollett

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