Get Hired by Finding Out Who’s Behind the HR Veil

During your job search, you have been conditioned to look at companies. Job board search results pages deliver results based on job type and the company that needs to hire that person.

This makes sense on the surface and is what nearly every job seeker on the planet has been programed to see and accept for as long as job seeking online became the thing to do.

Here is the problem with this mentality. People hire people. Without knowing who, the human being behind the wall, is looking to hire that new position, it becomes a word game. Matching phrases, keywords and requirements that say “this is what a good candidate should look like.”

This takes the human element out of the equation and hurts the job seeker. At Health Career Web, one of the nice features is bringing that human element back. Just like Bing is trying to do to search, we are trying to get your hired in the least amount of steps possible.

This starts with networking and adding value to others. What might seem like a simple job search is actually a people business.

So how do you find the people?

One way to get back to the human side of human resources is by attending events, like job fairs, seminars, open houses or networking events. Check out sites like UpcomingMeetup or Eventful for events in your area.

Another way is through social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. After you find and apply to a great job on HealthCareerWeb, look for ways to find a real person to follow up with on these social networks and communities. You will be surprised by how many organizations not only have a page, but also have a page dedicated to recruiting.

So now it’s up to you. How are you going to bring the human element back to your job search? Let us know in the comments below.


Author: Greg Rollett

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