Top Social Networking Sites for Nurses

Social Networking Sites for Nurses

Social networking sites have become a part of our every day lives, not just for entertainment but also for education & professional growth. With all the popularity it can be tough to know which ones are safe and are a true place where nurses can gather together to share tips, advice, & support. complied a list of the Top 25 Social Sites For Nurses but here are our favorites from the list:

AllNurses: This site has it all for nurses, including forums, articles, blogs and news. Enjoy blogs, articles and news by specialty and by region.

NursingLink: NursingLink brings nurses together to provide resources and services to advance careers and take advantage of everything a community site has to offer. News, education resources, job search, career networking, advice, and mentorship are just a few of those benefits.

Student Nurse Journey: This is a place for students to come together to share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, stories, and most of all, to support one another as future nurses.

One that was not included in Best Masters In Nursing’s list but we absolute love was Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson. While they have a great website that provides educational & engaging information, we are obsessed with their Facebook community. They have fun tips, games, podcast, and appreciation contest. Nursing Notes’ Facebook group is a great community for nurses and anyone who loves them.


Click here to see the complete list of the top social networking sites for nurses.

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