OccuVAX: Ensuring Proper Vaccinations Nationwide, Growing a Team

OccuVAX specializes in nationwide on-site influenza vaccination clinics through our corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska since 2002. Our central location is ideal for providing services Nationwide. OccuVAX is proud to provide services in all 50 states.

OccuVAX is diligently working towards vaccinating populations to the level that creates a zero incidence of influenza in
every workplace. This will be achieved and maintained by constantly providing quality healthcare service, superior pricing and convenience to our customers.

We have the lowest clinic minimum participations in the industry. This allows us to provide services to companies of all sizes, as well as the ability to provide service to smaller locations of larger companies. One location or multiple locations, our service level and commitment is the same. We back our service commitment with our unique Performance Guarantee.

Our service is All-Inclusive. This means that your quoted price includes the costs of the Nurse, the vaccine and all of the supplies, down to the trash bag, required for the clinic. With our constantly updated website, we offer an extremely simple online employee scheduling option. This allows for your employee to minimize their time away from their work station to approximately 10 minutes on the day of vaccination.

OccuVAX has multiple supplier agreements direct with the manufacturers to ensure availability and delivery of the vaccine. Flu vaccinations are our specialty. We have multiple billing options available, including availability to process claims to some insurance companies.
Please proceed to the link “Request a Quote for on-site Flu Vaccination Clinic” for further information. One of our National Account Managers will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your options in detail. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you for your Flu Vaccination needs.

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