Positions in Home Health Care

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The home health care industry is seeing an increased need for professionals. If you are considering a career change, or trying to find a career path, there are a variety of jobs that fall under the home health care class. This industry is anticipated to grow significantly over the next few years.

Although the majority of home health care positions involve services for our geriatric community, there are also positions available to provide for younger patients that are ill or disabled. The needs are great in this industry; however, the variety of positions available may not be as diverse. This job field does offer a variety of rewards in that the services you offer improve the quality of life for those that require the services.

If you are more management minded and want to make a difference, you could consider a career as a placement agent or account manager. A job such as this will place you in the interview phase of the home health care process. You will meet with the family or the client and assess their needs and help create a plan of action that will provide the best options for the care needed.

If you prefer to work directly with the patient, you could consider becoming a home health aide. This job will allow you to interact directly with the patient. This is a good position for someone that wants to see the immediate rewards of the efforts they put into their job. You can work directly for the patient, or their family, or you can work through an agency that will place you with a patient.

There are varied positions with home health care agencies. The two most recognizable job types are Personal Care Aides (PCA) and Home Health Aides (HHA). Both positions required training in specialized areas, and are supervised by a Registered Nurse. Although similar in some aspects, each position has certain differences.

A Personal Care Aide can meet the daily needs of an individual that requires assistance. They may perform duties like bathing the patient, or helping them with walking and exercising. A PCA has also been trained to assist with tasks like toileting. They also are trained in how to help with transfers using mechanical lifts. A PCA might also be hired to help with cleaning, meal preparations, and running errands.

A Home Health Aide also offers the services provided by the PCA. However, a Home Health Aide is also trained in other areas that a PCA does not perform. If you hire a HHA, they can offer services such as measuring fluid intake, tracking vital signs, or assisting with bandaging needs of the patient.

A job in this industry often leaves you feeling at the end of the day that you made a difference in the life of another person. The home health care industry may not give a great variety in the positions available, but it does have a great amount of job opportunities available with our geriatric population.


By: laurabonson

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